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Your First Line of Defense for Reputation Management and Wikipedia Vandalism

Wikipedia Can Damage Reputations

There is always a threat of personal information being released. Competitors can modify your page at any time. Campaigns can work against each other by amplifying fake news. Since Wikipedia is an open platform, the variety of damaging information that can be posted is extensive!

You Can't Ignore Wikipedia

When searching for yourself or your clients, have you noticed that Wikipedia shows up on the first page of results or even as the very first hit? How closely do you monitor the article when anyone can publish information that isn't true or personal information?

Easiest Wikipedia Monitoring

We are the easiest solution and the quickest path to monitoring multiple Wikipedia pages. We monitor any Wikipedia article for changes and send you an alert within a minute! Not 24 hours or later in the week.

We Watch Wikis

WikiPatrol is here to help you better manage the truth. Wikipedia is a great tool allowing a generation of people access to an abundance of knowledge! It is also a tool that can be used by fans, "friends", opponents and others to harm you and your reputation.

Only by staying on top of changes and working with the Wikipedia community, can you begin to protect your private information, trade secrets, political strategies and image. Wikipatrol has elite monitoring tools which will notify you of changes to any of the pages you want us to watch in real time.

We watch wikis for...


You earned your spot in the lights at the show! If you are a current, former or starting athlete, Wikipedia has your stats, your history and your bio. Reporters, scouts, coaches and fans will see your Wikipedia article first when searching for you on Google, Bing or iPhone. Stay on top of what's published about you. Know when someone has taken advantage of a personal relationship by posting private information about you online. Protect your privacy and your family by setting up monitoring today.

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Your Clients

As a publicist or public relations specialist, your job is to get your clients good press — and limit the bad. Which makes policing your clients’ Wikipedia content — and any changes to it — of utmost importance. We offer analytics and alerts that can keep your clients’ wikis safe, protecting their hard-earned image and brand.

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Politicians & Campaigns

The fake news problem is real — and it often lives on Wikipedia pages. We monitor your page for the insertion of potentially harmful information , "alternate facts" and not-for-the-public details like your home address and personal email. We then work with Wikipedia editors to promptly correct or eliminate the problematic material.

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Musicians and Artists

When you make your living in a creative industry, image is everything —and editing your wiki page is an easy way for disgruntled fans, business associates or collaborators to destroy it. With WikiPatrol, we’ll keep an eye on your page while you keep an eye on your craft.

We watch wikis for...

Brands and Companies

As a businessperson, you know that the best offense is a defense. By the time you need to implement damage control, your company’s reputation could be tarnished beyond repair. WikiPatrol will help safeguard your brand’s image by watching your wiki page for inaccuracies and damaging content, getting it corrected before it gets circulated.