Why Watch Wikipedia


Your company’s reputation is something that was developed for years. You probably invested a lot of time, money and effort on reputation management. Just when you thought you are able to relax, new customers don’t show up, and your sales are down without any logical reason.
While nothing has changed with your quality of products and/or services and your existing clients still love what you do, the business is not doing well. Then you learned that someone edited your Wikipedia page that stated something negative about the company. 

Fake News and Wikipedia

In the age of Fake News, traditional reputation management is not enough. Companies need to be vigilant. It is easy for an upset former employee or a competitor to edit your company’s Wikipedia page.
If left unedited for several weeks, the information can be picked up by a lazy journalist or blogger who is researching for a story. The story is then published on a popular blog or website, and the author doesn’t acknowledge that the facts of the story came from Wikipedia.
When you finally found out about the inaccurate article and attempt to modify the Wikipedia page, it was already too late because the Wiki moderators decline to remove the inaccuracies. To make matter worse, the Wikipedia page for your company is updated to include a link referencing the inaccurate article or blog post.

Why Wikipedia Monitoring is Important

This is just one reason why Wikipedia monitoring should be part of your reputation management strategy. The website is one of the top search result sites, and other people can easily add content or vandalize the page at any time. That’s why you need to keep tabs on it. However, monitoring it 24/7 is hard to do, especially when you are also busy running your own business.
One solution is to outsource the task to a company that specializes in Wikipedia monitoring. Knowing someone is keeping an eye on your Wiki page will help you sleep better at night. One will be able to keep the Wikipedia trolls out of your company’s page.
Time is gold when it comes to monitoring Wikipedia pages. Quick action is needed to reverse the changes. If extensive changes were made, it could take several hours to revert the Wiki page back to what it was before. That’s why it is important to know when the change was made as soon as possible.
Reputation management today involves controlling the information in various channels. And that’s why you need to make sure that your Wikipedia page is accurate all the time. Failure to monitor it can lead to irreparable damage to your company’s reputation.